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High School Reading and Writing:

American Literature Time Period Focus: 1820-1865

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Course Description In this course, students will strengthen their reading and writing skills through reading, essay writing, and reading comprehension activities as well as other proficiency building exercises. We will use The Little Seagull Handbook, commonly used in first year college level writing classes, in order to improve the grammar, punctuation, and readability of students’ writing. Students will also have an opportunity to submit some of their writing to the New York Times Editorial and Podcast Competitions as well as the John Locke Institute Essay contest if they so choose. The focus in this course is on American literature between 1820 and 1865. We read through the literature of this time period and take a look at what was happening historically in both the United States and the world in general, and how that is reflected in the writing. In this way, students will be exposed to the bigger cultural and intellectual concerns that were being discussed during these time periods that have impacted who we are now as a country. We read through the literature of the different time periods in topic clusters in order to best support student learning and to well prepare them for both classwork and for tests such as AP US History, AP World History, AP Literature and Composition, and AP Language and Composition

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